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Science Fiction Astronights

Have you ever wanted to have a sleepover in a museum? Or hop in a mysterious spaceship before going on an epic quest exploring unknown worlds? 

Join us for a night of adventure among the museum’s most iconic objects and our latest Science Fiction immersive experience.  

With workshops, shows and activities—rounded off with breakfast and a trip to Science Fiction: Voyage to the Edge of Imagination—it will be a sleepover the little ones will never forget!.  

At our special Science Fiction Astronights you’ll have the chance to: 

  • Discover the museum at night  

  • Get hands-on in our workshops and science shows  

  • Experience Science Fiction: Voyage to the Edge of Imagination,  our upcoming exhibition that explores how scientists and science fiction creators have imagined and built new worlds to better understand our own.   


Tickets will go off sale two weeks before each date. 

Children with special educational needs

We want to make your night as relaxed as possible. Email us to discuss how we can support you and your group.

We run a SENsory Astronights once a year so that children with special educational needs can enjoy a night at the Museum in a quieter and less crowded environment.

Find out more about SENsory Astronights


  • Astronights sleepovers run on selected Fridays and Saturdays throughout the year
  • Only suitable for children aged 7-11
  • For full details please see FAQs

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