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Splitting the Atom: The Science News Show

A brand new live show in which experts, journalists and critical commentators assemble to dissect the best, worst and weirdest of science news.

Splitting the Atom will explore the big, the overlooked and the patently fake news stories of the month, with plenty of interaction with the audience. We’ll uncover the science that ought to be headline news but isn’t, we’ll be hailing the unsung heroes of science and we’ll be asking you, the audience, to consider the big ethical questions around the latest in cutting-edge science.

There’ll be laughs along the way of course. And games. And the odd live science demo for good measure. 

Hosted by the Science Museum’s Adam Boal, our very first panel is comprised of:

  • Angela Saini—science journalist, broadcaster and author of the acclaimed Superior: The Return of Race Science, Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong and Geek Nation
  • Bobby Seagull—mathematician, teacher, broadcaster and author of The Life Changing Magic of Numbers
  • Natasha McEnroe—Science Museum Keeper of Medicine
  • Robin Ince—comedian and presenter of The Infinite Monkey Cage, Robin and Josie’s Book Shambles, and author of I’m a Joke and So Are You: Reflections on Humour and Humanity

Please note this event takes place at Science Museum Lates. The museum will open at 18.45 and the venue for this event, the Hans Rausing Lecture Theatre, will open at 19.15.

Scheduled dates