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Science and Running with Jo Pavey, Martin Yelling and Friends

What does it take to turn yourself into a long-distance runner? Experts including Olympian Jo Pavey MBE and top running coach Dr Martin Yelling discuss what separates the best from the rest.

Jo Pavey is one of Britain’s best loved athletes, a World, European and Commonwealth medal winner, and the only British runner to have competed at five Olympic Games, from 2000 to 2016. She is aiming to break the overall record of six Games next year in Tokyo.

But the marathon is not only a sport for the elites—every year thousands around the world take to the streets of big city races. 

In this panel discussion, we will hear from Jo, Martin and a panel of sports scientists, nutritionists, sports psychologists and sports equipment experts about the training, diet and physical and mental attributes required to run 26.2 miles. The panel will also delve into what transformations the body undergoes in covering the marathon distance.

Speakers are:

  • Dr Martin Yelling—running coach and host of the Marathon Talk podcast
  • Jo Pavey MBE—long-distance runner and five time Team GB Olympian
  • Dr. Josie Perry—sports psychologist and head of Performance in Mind
  • Dr Jessica Bruce—Biomechanical engineer and founder of the Run3D performance analysis lab.
  • Richard Robinson—Wearable Technology Expert, Garmin (Cycle & Run)
  • Dr Kevin CurrellDirector of Science and Technical Development, English Institute of Sport

This event will be recorded live for Marathon Talk, the UK’s number one running podcast.

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