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Sensing the machine-body interface

A cross-disciplinary workshop on medicine, technology and embodiment.

This workshop seeks to explore the role our senses play across a range of medical and disability related perspectives. We are particularly interested in the relationship between the lived body and what might be broadly termed ‘the machine’.

The interface between the senses and medical technology encompasses both sensing with and sensations of the machine. This includes, but is not limited to, considerations of patient and practitioner sensory interaction with medical devices—from stethoscopes, to dialysis machines and MRI scanners—as well as people’s engagement with their sensory aids and augmentations, such as canes, glasses, and prostheses.

We aim to investigate and facilitate new multi-disciplinary collaborations around the theme of sensing and medical technology. We welcome anyone interested in the senses from researchers in the arts and humanities, sciences, and social sciences, to medical practitioners, museum professionals, and artists.

This workshop is a collaboration between Medicine Galleries Research Fellows at the Science Museum, London, and Bristol Senses Cluster, with support from Wellcome Trust.

Workshop format


  • Short talks will be given by invited speakers from a range of disciplinary fields
  • Poster/object session: presenters will stand next to their poster, object or other prompt and give a short two-minute introduction to their interests in the workshop theme, then chat more freely with participants


  • Group discussions and networking
  • Optional Science Museum visit

Poster session

If you would like to take part in the poster/object session, please email by Friday 14 June 2019.