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Stembryos: The Future of Reproduction?

As stem cell-based embryo models become increasingly more sophisticated, they also raise big questions: how do we define a human embryo and what should be the limit of such research?   

At this event in collaboration with Cambridge Reproduction, we take a deep dive into the topic of stem cell-based embryo models, an area which saw ground breaking advances in 2023. Such models have wide-reaching potential in infertility treatment and in understanding developmental disorders, pregnancy complications and miscarriage, but is new legislation required for this rapidly advancing area of science?

An interdisciplinary panel, including experts in law, sociology, medicine and science, discuss the controversies and opportunities and debate the proposed governance framework for stem cell-based models.  

Speakers include: 

This event is part of Love Lates where through events, talks and cutting-edge research we’ll be exploring the essence of love.

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