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Time: All An Illusion?

What are the neurological and psychological mechanisms that drive our perception of time? Is time even real, as we imagine it? And more to the point—what even is time? 

This panel of neuroscientists, psychologists and physicists will shine a light on how the human brain processes the passing of time. They'll look at how things like mood, health and circadian rhythms may affect the way we perceive time, why two people may have differing temporal perceptions of the same event, and how our perception of time shapes memory and experience.  

Delving into the mind-bending ways that the human brain warps time are the following experts: 

Further speakers to be announced.  

This event is part of Chinese New Years Lates , where we’ll be celebrating the Year of the Dragon and the opening of Zimingzhong 时聚珍: Clockwork Treasures from China’s Forbidden City, our new exhibition about Chinese clockwork.

Part of the Science Museum Group