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How do today’s scientific discoveries shape tomorrow’s world? Get the scoop on the most surprising science stories and the biggest breakthroughs in our Tomorrow's World gallery.

Tomorrow’s World brings you science news from every angle—from headline-grabbing gadgets to full-on feature exhibitions on hot topics.

Come engage with cutting-edge science, explore the implications of new technology, and share your thoughts on controversial issues.

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Latest Objects

How will batteries power our future?

Image of battery

Lithium ion batteries are already common in rechargeable devices such as mobile phones, but they could soon help make our future more sustainable.

Many forms of renewable energy, for example wind and solar power, vary through the day and year—new kinds of batteries could allow us to store more of this energy, so that it's always available.

Could we 3D-print habitats on the Moon?

A photograph of a 3D printed brick

The European Space Agency has used 3D printing techniques and artificial moondust to make a building block and small tools. In the future, we could mine moondust to build safe habitats for astronauts.
Could this be the future of living on the Moon?

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