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How do today’s scientific discoveries shape tomorrow’s world? Get the scoop on the most surprising science stories and the biggest breakthroughs in our Tomorrow's World gallery.

Tomorrow’s World brings you science news from every angle—from headline-grabbing gadgets to full-on feature exhibitions on hot topics.

Come engage with cutting-edge science, explore the implications of new technology, and share your thoughts on controversial issues.

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Latest Objects

How can we get power from windy cities?

O-Wind turbine

Winner of the 2018 Dyson Prize for engineering design, the O-Wind is a new wind turbine currently in development. It's the first that can capture wind from any direction and spin to generate electricity.

This unique feature makes it perfect for use in cities, where wind is chaotic and unpredictable, and traditional wind turbines wouldn't work. 

Could artificial stars power the world?


Tokamaks are experimental machines that make artificial stars on Earth. They heat hydrogen to temperatures hotter than 100 million degrees Celsius, aiming to create a continuous fusion reaction that will be used to generate electricity in the future.

Fusion power plants will run on seawater and produce few carbon emissions. Could this be the future of clean energy?

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