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Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain UK Premiere + Q&A

Blockchain has promised to revolutionise the global economy and cybersecurity, but how many of us really understand how the technology works? Alex Winter’s excellent documentary explains it all.

Most of us are familiar with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and many of us have heard of the term “blockchain”, but as with any emerging technology, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions.

To coincide with our Top-Secret exhibition, we explore the evolution of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the security systems behind it with this very special UK Premiere of 'Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain'.

After the screening we’ll be joined by a line-up of experts who’ll debate the future of the technology, how we may or may not be affected by it, and will ask the question: how safe can an ungoverned, decentralised system really be?

Guest speakers to be announced closer to the date.

More about Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

In the newest documentary from award winning director Alex Winter ('The Panama Papers', 'Deep Web') 'Trust Machine' analyses the promises and the risks inherent in this new type of technology. It’s not just money that blockchain threaten to disrupt – a diverse range of voices including those of UNICEF and British musician Imogen Heap make spirited arguments that the industries of energy, music, humanitarianism, and more are headed for revolutionary change. The film reveals that proponents of blockchain—a verified digital ledger—are already using the technology to change the world; fighting income inequality, the refugee crisis and world hunger.

'Trust Machine', USA 2018, dir. Alex Winter, running time 84 mins, not yet age-classified by BBFC