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VIscovery Days

VIscovery days enable families with members who are visually impaired, partially sighted or blind to enjoy events around the museum that are specially designed for them.

The next VIscovery event for visitors who are partially sighted or blind will take place on Saturday 28 September 2019.

To receive more information about this event, email Family Programmes or call 020 79424086.


MOON MICE – storytelling 

Meet a mouse on a mission—a mission to the Moon! Find out all about rockets in this wonderful storytelling. Make your very own rocket mouse and discover how high you can blast them into space.
Ages: 5–7
Duration: 60 mins
Location: Flight gallery (Dreams of Flight) 

OVER THE MOON – workshop

Get ready for touch down in this hands-on workshop. Create curious craters as you build your own tactile map of the Moon, then begin your very own moon mission as your lunar lander touches down.
Ages: 5–7 and 7+
Duration: 60 mins
Location: Basement Studio 

SPACE CASE – object handling

In July 1969, the first two people took their small steps on the Moon. Now, 50 years later, we're celebrating their giant leap to the stars. Get hands-on with materials used to make satellites and other incredible objects as we talk all things space.
Ages: 7+
Duration: 60 mins
Location: The Academy (former Information Age Studio)


Join us on a journey to the Moon in this fast-paced show. Help us launch a rocket, find out about amazing astronauts and learn all about the challenges of pooing in space as you discover the incredible story of the Moon landings.
Ages: 7+
Duration: 60 mins
Location: Lecture Theatre

Booking and tickets

There are three different ticket types: Option 1 is for children aged 5–7, Options 2 and 3 are for children aged 7+. 

To book your ticket, please select one of the three options detailed below.

Please note that all events are free, but places are limited. When booking your ticket, select only the number of visually impaired children in your family and their age. All children must be accompanied by at least one adult and other family members are welcome.

OPTION 1 (ages 5–7) includes the following activities:
12.00–13.00: Moon Mice (storytelling) 
13.30–14.30: Over the Moon (workshop) 
Book Option 1

OPTION 2 (ages 7+) includes the following activities:
11.00–12.00: Fly Me to the Moon (Show) 
12.15–13.15: Space Case (object handling)
14.45–15.45: Over the Moon (workshop)
Book Option 2

OPTION 3 (ages 7+) includes the following activities:
12.15–13.15: Over the Moon (workshop)
13.45–14.45: Fly Me to the Moon (show)
15.00–16.00: Space Case (object handling)
Book Option 3