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VIscovery Days

VIscovery days enable families with members who are visually impaired, partially sighted or blind to enjoy events around the Museum that are specially designed for them.

The next VIscovery event for visitors who are partially sighted or blind will take place on Sunday 9 June 2019—booking is now open.

To receive more information about this event, email Family Programmes or call 020 79424086.



Sometimes things go a bit wrong, and that’s ok! Find out what amazing inventions came from marvellous mistakes in this family storytelling session. Join us to explore how chemistry mistakes brought us some of the most colourful, loud and lifesaving inventions.
Ages: 5–7
Duration: 60 mins
Location: Flight Gallery (Dreams of Flight) 

SLIME TIME! – workshop

It’s the craze that is taking YouTube by storm. This is your chance to get hands-on and make your own slime—it will be like putty in your hands.
Ages: 5–7 and 7+
Duration: 60 mins
Location: Basement Studio 

A MATERIAL WORLD – object handling

Chemistry is all around us: uncover the science of the everyday. Join us to discover how batteries work, what makes money magnetic and how to build an element. 
Ages: 7+
Duration: 60 mins
Location: Lecture Theatre

IT’S A CHEM-MYSTERY! – workshop 

Become chemistry detectives in the case of the missing penicillin. One of the museum’s priceless objects has disappeared, and it's up to you to solve the mystery. Complete experiments to crack our chemical clues and rule out suspects until only one is left.
Ages: 7+
Duration: 60 mins
Location: The Academy (former Information Age Studio)

Ticket types and booking

There are three different ticket types: Option 1 is for children aged 5–7, Options 2 and 3 are for children aged 7+. 

To book your ticket, please select one of the three options detailed below. Please note that all events are free, but places are limited. When booking your ticket, select only the number of visually impaired children in your family and their age. All children must be accompanied by at least one adult and other family members are welcome.

Book Option 1 (ages 5-7):
12:00–13:00: Marvellous Mistakes (storytelling) 
13.30–14.30: Slime time! (workshop) 

Book Option 2 (ages 7+):
11.00–12.00: It’s a Chem-Mystery! (workshop) 
12.15–13.15: A Material World (object handling)
14.30–15.30: Slime Time! (workshop)

Book Option 3 (ages 7+):
12.15–13.15: Slime Time! (workshop) 
13.45–14.45: It’s a Chem-Mystery! (workshop)
15.00–16.00: A Material World (object handling)