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Science Museum

Join us for a free family festival celebrating the exciting and diverse ways in which engineers change the world. 

Engineering is about more than just bridges and railway tracks. From buildings to body armour, engineers create amazing inventions to solve puzzling problems.

During this festival you’ll have the chance to:

  • Get hands-on with fun activities run by engineers to learn all about the incredible work they do
  • Try your hand at welding edible chocolate creations
  • Control your friend’s muscles using electric currents
  • Race to the top thanks to the power of gears
  • Take a closer look at what ‘engineering’ really means
  • Help us move into our new house, send signals around the world and put people up into space in our brand new interactive show, Problem Solved! 

Whenever you solve a problem, you’re thinking like an engineer—so after a day with us you’ll be able to proudly call yourself an engineer too.

Whether you want to see art and science become best of friends at our engineering design residency hosted by the Royal College of Art, or just let our glow-in-the-dark plants brighten your day, We Are Engineers has something for everyone.

Why not also try out Treasure Hunters, which we’ve specially redesigned to support the Year of Engineering!

Treasure Hunters encourages players to look beyond the most popular objects in the gallery and create a completely unique experience, with the chance to learn about objects they might not have noticed otherwise. Get the whole family involved and go head-to-head in the search for treasure.

Programming is in association with the HM Government’s Year of Engineering programme, made possible with the generous support of: