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What makes you smarter than a chimp? What makes you smile? What makes you, you?

Who Am I? invites you to explore the science of who you are through intriguing objects, provocative artworks and hands-on exhibits.

Discover what your voice sounds like as a member of the opposite sex, morph your face to see what you’ll look like as you age, or collect DNA to catch a criminal in our brand-new interactive exhibits.

Investigate some of the characteristics that make humans such a successful species, such as personality, intelligence and language.

Reflect on the big questions that new techniques in science are raising, and explore how your genetics and brain combine to create your unique identity.

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Update case: What could you do with a different body?

Dr Alice Roberts model

Date: 14 June – December 2018

Evolution is constantly shaping our bodies to in response to our environment. Anatomist Alice Roberts has been thinking about the amazing features our body has evolved. They have adapted to the world around us over millions of years, but some of these changes are less helpful to us now that our lifestyles are so different.

The Science Museum and the BBC challenged Alice to redesign her own body, taking inspiration from the animal world. With help from sculptors Scott Eaton and Sangeet Prabhaker, she has created a life-sized model of the result.

What if you could redesign your body to suit your needs? How would this change your life? What trade-offs might you have to make?

The story is told in the BBC4 documentary Can Science Make Me Perfect? With Alice Roberts. Visit our display in the Who Am I? gallery to see the result and find out more.

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