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What makes you smarter than a chimp? What makes you smile? What makes you, you?

Who Am I? invites you to explore the science of who you are through intriguing objects, provocative artworks and hands-on exhibits.

Discover what your voice sounds like as a member of the opposite sex, morph your face to see what you’ll look like as you age, or collect DNA to catch a criminal in our brand-new interactive exhibits.

Investigate some of the characteristics that make humans such a successful species, such as personality, intelligence and language.

Reflect on the big questions that new techniques in science are raising, and explore how your genetics and brain combine to create your unique identity.

Planning a school visit? Find more information about Who am I? for educational groups.

Update case: How does your body know what time it is?


Date: 10 October 2017 to Spring 2018

How does your body know when to sleep and wake up? Or when to become hungry or alert? Every day, sunlight sets your body’s ‘clock’ to a day–night cycle – a regular 24-hour pattern called a circadian rhythm.

This new display explores how light is crucial to regulating our body clocks, and what happens when this signal is disrupted. Discover how scientists are studying these internal rhythms to make medicines more effective, and the treatments that can help reset our internal clocks.

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