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Antarctica Live

Antarctica Live was a free dance and science festival that celebrated the coldest, windiest and driest place on Earth.

Antarctica is an awe-inspiring environment for many scientists, who brave extreme cold to study subjects from the changing climate to fundamental particles and even penguin poo. But it is changing fast. As global temperatures increase, 200 billion tonnes of ice melt every year, quicker than ever before.

Antarctica Live celebrated Earth’s southernmost continent and aimed to encourage critical thinking about what we are doing to preserve its incredible beauty. It featured a newly devised dance performance by award-winning choreographer Corey Baker, inspired by his recent trip to Antarctica to shoot the dance film 'Dancing on Icebergs'.

During the festival, visitors also had the chance to join in a dance workshop with Corey Baker Dance company members, chat to Antarctic researchers and take part in other activities from interactive tours to drop-in science experiments.

Scheduled dates

Events and activities

Dancing on Icebergs + Q&A

The world premiere of this documentary feature charting the making of a dance film about the awe-inspiring wilderness of Antarctica.

Due South

This activity took you on a journey to the south pole and find out if you've got what it takes to protect Antarctica.

Cold case

Visitors could find out about survival in Antarctica at this drop-in workshop.

Antarctica Live dance workshop

This free workshop was run by members of the Corey Baker Dance Group.

Antarctica Live dance performances

This short Antarctica-inspired dance was performed by members of Corey Baker Dance.


Antarctica Live featured:
Corey Baker Dance, British Antarctic Survey, The Scott Polar Research Institute.

Antarctica Live was made possible by:
Arts Council England and Antarctica New Zealand