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Science Museum

Let’s party—it’s the 150th birthday of the Periodic Table of the Elements!

To celebrate, join us for free Chemistry-themed family festival and explore the chemistry all around us with activities led by real life STEM professionals. 

No party is complete without some singing, so don’t forget to book your tickets for ‘Mendeleev’s Dream’ where we’ll be singing the periodic table. 

If that’s still not enough then mix it up with our fantastic chemistry-themed family programme, featuring the storytelling ‘Marvellous Mistakes’, our live show ‘Cracking Chemistry’ and our workshop ‘It’s a Chem-Mystery’.

Mendeleev’s Dream: The Periodic Table in Music

Time: 12:00–12:30 and 14:30–15:00
Location: Information Age

Are you mad for magnesium? Crazy about carbon? Love lithium? Sing your favourite element in a unique musical experience led by the Girls' Choir of St Catharine's College and Imperial College Choir

Children and adults are both welcome to join in no particular musical expertise required!) or simply watch and listen. St Catharine's College Girls' Choir will also perform other science songs from their STEM in SONG project.

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150 years of the Periodic Table of Elements

Location: between Exploring Space and Making the Modern World

Opening 150 years to the day since Dmitri Mendeleev’s periodic table was announced in 1869, this display include a Russian journal containing Mendeleev’s first published periodic table and a collection of over 50 elements once owned by Napoleon’s nephew, Prince Louis Lucien Bonaparte.