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Our Future Planet

Can carbon capture help us fight climate change?

Our new free exhibition explores the technologies being developed to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Alongside global efforts to urgently reduce greenhouse gas emissions, scientists are racing to develop different technologies to remove and store excess carbon dioxidethe most significant cause of climate change.   

Our Future Planet showcases the cutting-edge technology and nature-based solutions being developed to trap carbon dioxide released by human activity, notably the burning of fossil fuels. These include preserving ancient woodlands, adding dust to agricultural fields, capturing carbon dioxide from the air or installing systems that prevent it leaving power stations and factories.

Find out more about the challenges involved in different solutions, and join the debate about what measures we need to adopt to combat climate change. How much difference could new technologies make? What can we do with the carbon dioxide after it has been captured? And why can’t we just plant more trees?  


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